Eco Training Stake

ECO TRELLIS® offers a complete vineyard trellising solution using posts, clips and strainers as relevant to site location. It’s the perfect system for both new vineyard developments and the replacement of damaged wooden posts.

Since 2009 ECO TRELLIS® has become a popular choice for vineyard trellising as these vineyard posts are made in New Zealand of high-strength galvanised carbon steel coated with a thick layer of zinc. Added benefits are that the ECO TRELLIS® posts are easy to install and fully recyclable at the end of their vineyard life.

ECO TRELLIS® consists of interchangeable strainer systems, intermediate posts and clipping systems according to requirements.

They have a patented clip range and high-strength nylon clips are subjected to stringent laboratory testing to ensure superior overall quality.

ECO TRAINING STAKE is a new innovation designed to replace single use bamboo with a multi-use, sustainable and fully recyclable product that can also be used in conjunction with Klima and other vineyard machinery.

Why Eco Training Stake?

  • New Zealand and Australia is beginning its redevelopment cycle and utilising reusable stakes is cost-effective as vineyards only need to buy their stakes once, then they can reuse them multiple times.
  • Vineyards around the world are becoming more automated and mechanised and uniformity to the vineyard plant trunk is key. By keeping vineyard stakes in the ground for three to four years the vine trunk will grow straight and aligned with your trellis.
  • The ECO TRAINING STAKE is fully recyclable.
  • ECO TRAINING STAKE aligns with the wine and viticulture industry sustainable grape growing practices.
  • A solid stake protect young plants from cultivators.
  • There is a clip option available for when using Klima Pruning Machines.

ECO TRAINING STAKES standard lengths are 1.2 metres, 1.5 metres and 1.8 metres. Other lengths can be manufactured to order.