The ECO TRELLIS ® Advantage

  • Meticulous research and testing, followed by a comprehensive product-development process in the vineyard.
  • Environmentally friendly, free of contaminants (thereby eliminating potential ground leaching) and reflecting sustainable and organic winegrowing philosophies.
  • Made from high-strength galvanised carbon steel coated with a thick layer of zinc, ensuring high durability against corrosion – posts are welded longitudinally to provide additional strength to counter the pressures of mechanical pruning and harvesting.
  • Cost-competitive with wooden posts, especially given the lack of replacement costs.
  • Fully recyclable, with a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years, after which posts can be replaced and the discards returned for recycling.
  • Simple installation with the flexibility of variable clip height; round profiles allowing easy post orientation; and manual attachment of wire clips.
  • Lightweight and safe through use of posts with rolled ends, making end caps unnecessary.
  • The ground retention flange nestles either side of the post bulge to provide a 0.2m direct surface area .
  • Choice of three different strainer systems – tie-back, conventional and box with help to determine efficiency of installation. The tie-back system is the recommended strainer system.
  • Guarantee against any material or manufacturing fault.

The ECO TRELLIS ® Post Calculator

Click Here to download the ECO TRELLIS ® Post Calculator – an Excel document displaying the overall long term benefits & savings by using ECO TRELLIS ®.